2 comments on “NYC to zapach luksusowych perfum i kloszardowego smrodu

  1. Camille Serafin on Paź 7, 2015 17:19 | Reply

    Dear Metyou and Anna, Hello! I hope you’re still enjoying your visit to NYC and that your hamburger at Benjamin’s was yummy. It was lovely to meet the both of you. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

    Cheers, Camille

    • Aloha Dear Maddame!

      Thanks a lot for your help and you right – it was cool to meet you and your positive thinks. Yes sure, if we have any questions, we do it. But rember – when you will be in Cracow, check our restaurant on the Miodowa 33 Street. Big kiss like a Big NYC for you lovely lady :) Benjamin’s burgers are great but you must to get burgers from old town Kazimierz in Cracow. peace&love #metyoutheworld

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